Oct 2016

Natalie's makeup work soon to be seen on another feature film,  "The Reason."

Feb 2015

"Becoming Set Ready" now available from the Apple book store for special introductory price

Sept-Oct 2016

Harry travels all over the U.S. to host several training seminars.

  • Live informational seminars in your city
  • Downloadable interactive e-book (learn from the comfort of your own home, at your convenience)
  • Educational curriculum for cosmetology + film schools, in the form of interactive e-textbooks

“The Set Ready Academy book ("Becoming Set Ready") gave me what I needed to know about landing production jobs and feeling competent about walking on to my first set."




“Set Ready Academy imparts valuable wisdom to hair/makeup crew members as to how to handle themselves appropriately and efficiently on a set and when interacting with other crew."




Representing equally the hair styling trade and the makeup artistry trade are Harry Wood IV and Natalie Hayes.  Both based in Atlanta, Georgia, a.k.a. "Atlantawood," Harry and Natalie have put in countless hours on a wide range of production sets, ranging from TV commercials to TV shows to music videos to documentary films to corporate video productions for national corporations.

Set Ready Academy educates professionals in the hair & makeup trade on to how to launch an exciting career in the TV/Video/Film industries. We offer our expertise in various forms, catering to individuals already working in the trades + also the budding cosmetology or film school student.  Choose the training method that is best for you:

“At last, the cosmetology industry now has a way to educate its students on how to channel their talents for TV/Video/Film careers.”


Leigh M.,

Cosmetology educator